David invents ‘Coco-peat’ drying machine!

Sekarage David, a well-known industrial machinery manufacturer has invented a convenient ‘Coco-Peat’ drying machine (coconut coir dust) which is an alternative to sun-drying machines.Sekarage, says, although there are around 60 coconut-coir dust drying machines available in the country at present, they are time-consuming, sun-drying machines.There is a great demand for coir dust (Coco-Peat) drying machines in the world market, as it is widely used in the floriculture industry. Although there are a number of coconut-producing countries in the world, no country has initiated to make a Coco-Peat drying machine, Sekarage says adding that ‘Sri Lnaka has taken the lead in introducing a convenient machine for drying Coco-Peat.

Sekarage, is a professional engineer with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Moratuwa University. He obtained his MBA from the Rajarata University and also holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Colombo University. He also studied at the Pune University, India.He further said, “We can supply this machine to suit the needs of the industry. Sekarage runs his workshop, Technical Services Centre (TSC), in close proximity to the Ekala Industrial Estate, in Ja-Ela.TSC has manufactured conveyors, agitators, mixers, sieving machines, chemical pumps, blenders, furnaces, deck ovens, rack ovens, rotary ovens, service carts, rice degraders, ball mills – match mixers, stainless steel structures, automated dryers for noodles and papadam.

He also supplies machinery for industries like food, soap, cement, textiles, coconut, rubber, packaging, paint and agro based industries. His clients include, major industrialists who use high-tech industrial tools and machinery in the country.Sekarage, is capable to modify any ageing imported machinery to suit the local needs and requirements. He has so far helped industrialists save valuable foreign currency by producing machinery locally, instead of getting down expensive foreign machinery.The machine he manufactured for the then Government owned Ceylon Gas Company for its main gas filling plant ages back to the year somewhere in 1979.

Sekarage, who manifested signs of proven ability of his craftsmanship since the latter part of 1970s, conducted a first-ever five day Industrial Exhibition 25 years ago, “Techno 93” in 1993, single-handedly.